The Forum 2009, 21st Century Explosive Hazard Challenges  

UXO/Countermine/Range Forum™ 2009

Hosted by the Department of Defense Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Center of Excellence – with support from other Federal organizations – the UXO/Countermine/Range Forum™ 2009 is the DoD’s Preeminent Conference on Technology, Programs and Partnerships®.

Assembling the best researchers, developers, policy-makers and program planners from industry, military, government and private sector agencies worldwide to showcase cutting-edge technology, ideas, programs and partnerships, The Forum 2009 will address 21st Century Explosive Hazard Challenges: Technology Solutions and Partnerships for Full Spectrum Operations

The UXO/Countermine/Range Forum™ 2009 has grown from a 200-person conference over a dozen years ago into the most comprehensive event of its kind.  Held every 18-24 months, the conference provides an open forum to examine a broad spectrum of practical approaches and solutions to the challenges before those involved in policy, programs, technology development and international initiatives associated with the defense industry.

Information, hands-on demonstrations, training and unparalleled networking opportunities make this one conference not to miss!


High-level, Distinguished General Session and Luncheon Speakers

More Than 150 Technical Presentations on . . .
   Munitions Response
   Humanitarian Deming
   Range Sustainment
   Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
   Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Defeat

Special Sessions and Exhibits   
Dedicated to IED Defeat

More Than 100 Exhibitors Focusing on. . .
   Location & Mapping           
   Other Services & Technologies






Here’s what attendees thought of the UXO/Countermine/Range Forum™ 2007 . . .

“Exceptionally outstanding!”
“Exhibits were excellent and exceeded expectations.”
“One of the best events of the year for our industry . . .”
“Overall, I believe this was the best Forum I’ve been to . . .”
"Awesome event.  I had a blast.”
“You have once again managed to meet or exceed all of my expectations.  Thank you for a great Forum.”



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